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96 notes on how scaring a little boy can make him abandon reality (for ever)

25.08.2022 – 11.09.2022

Galleri Fineart, Oslo

The exhibition contains a wide range of works, including drawings, paintings and text, to sculptures in marble, bronze, cardboard and multimedia installations and graphic works. Torgersen does not want to limit his work to one style and uses the art itself as a tool for storytelling, regardless of technique, format and medium. He works a lot with pencil, charcoal and paper, but also with sculptures in plaster, cardboard, paper, marble, acrylic paintings, installations in space and the experience of objects in space, text and more, and the works often contain an interesting mixture of realism and abstraction . The exhibition «96 notes…» will contain 96 fragments of Torgersen’s experience of his reality. «After living large parts of my life in an escape from reality, both with excessive destructive drug use and denial of childhood and upbringing, reality and the so-called objective realism have gradually become very little tangible and concrete for me. The term realism is problematic because it only takes regard to the sense of sight. I try to argue that reality is not what you see. When you talk about realism, it is as if you only have one sense: sight. But human vision is weak, so I try to describe reality from all sensory aspects . Not just what I see.»
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