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CV – Nikolai Torgersen (b. 1990)


2010 – 2012: Einar Granum Kunstfagskole


2007 – 2010: Illustrator/designer for Merch distribution
2011: Debutant at Hostutstillingen
2012-2013: Photographer, videographer, designer for Bigbang / Warner in Los Angeles & Oslo
2013: Film contribution for Spellemannsprisen, Stavanger concert hall
2014: Exhibition, Galleri Neuf
2014: Illustrator for Skullcandy / Thiago Silva
2015-2017: Writer & illustrator at Natt&Dag
2016: Group exhibition, Himkok w/ Hymen magazine
2018: Group exhibition, Galleri Lyssky
2018: Group exhibition, Brutus
2018: Group exhibition, Aker Brygge w/ CollectiveOslo
2018: Cover artist for Cunt Fistula
2019: Separatutstilling «REX MT», Kelvin Oslo
2019: Hostutstillingen w/ Julian Karlsen & WDLND
2020: Exhibition «Fra det ene til det andre», Galleri Lyssky w/ Julian Karlsen
2020: Recipient of Morten Ramms artist grant
2020: Solo exhibition «D-PARKEN», Galleri Dopsgate4
2021: Group exhibition, Oslonowhere / Shoot Gallery
2021: Solo exhibition «My family (the burden of having a memory is overwhelming)», Guttestreker Studios
2021: Print release, Galleri Fineart
2021: Solo exhibition «It tells us that sorrow is written into the contract of life», Guttestreker Studios
2021: Group exhibition «Shareponyz», Hos Arne
2021: Print release, Gategalleriet
2021: Recipient of Subjektprisen «Artist of the year 2021»
2021: Print release, Galleri Fineart
2022: Cover artist and visual creator for Sondre Lerche (album «Avatars Of Love»)
2022: Solo exhibition «Avatars Of Love – Exhibition», Kulturhuset i Bergen
2022: Solo exhibition «96 notes on how scaring a little boy can make him abandon reality (for ever)», Galleri Fineart
2022: Art in public space, Deichman Bjørvika
2022: Solo exhibition «& then in continuation: Revisitng the world for dummies», Gategalleriet, Bergen
2023: Solo exhibition «And my life could not be saved by flowers (but our deaths will be)», Galleri Zink, Litteraturfestivalen
2023: Solo exhibition «WORTHLESS CRYING ADDICT LOSER JUNKIE SCUM», Secret location Oslo
2023: Group exhibition, Gategalleriet
2024: Group exhibition, Nils Aas Kunstverksted
2024: Solo exhibition «She asks what the sunset means», Galleri Hervold Hamar



To be announced